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Jonathan HinkleJonathan Hinkle
Director - System Platform Technologist

The industry remains focused on solutions consisting of hardware based industry-standards and open-source software.

The continuing drive is to minimize costs, avoid proprietary solutions and allow for combinations from a variety of best of breed suppliers.

A major emphasis continues to be on virtualization, separating hardware requirements from software workload needs and providing new flexibility. Important aspects of it include server virtualization, network virtualization, software-defined storage, and software-defined networking.

Open Server Summit is the only conference focused entirely on this new focus The main conference will have four major tracks: compute/microservers, networking, storage/performance, and technology breakthroughs. Sessions cover such topics as scale-out servers, open-source switching, NVM storage, application acceleration, software-defined storage, high-performance computing, IBM’s POWER architecture, silicon photonics, and NV-DIMM. The new technology breakthroughs track includes high-speed interfaces, the 400GbE standard, and advanced databases. We’re especially excited to continue our panel discussions on VC opportunities, server roadmaps, and the future of server design. We have keynotes from HPE, Lenovo, Ethernet Alliance, Microsoft, Cavium, Inspur Systems (China’s largest server maker), Micron, and Mellanox.

Open Server Summit will be the place for you to see the latest products, hear a wide range of technical viewpoints and forecasts, and meet with key executives and technologists. We look forward to having you join us!